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“There is a substantial fund set aside by the government that is going unclaimed because businesses don’t realise it’s for them or don’t know how to properly claim it”

HMRC Officer

What is it?

Research and Development Funding was  established by The Government in 2000. It is one of the most generous, yet under-claimed incentives designed to help companies throughout the UK.


Why use a specialist?

For exactly the same reason that if you needed surgery, you’d not expect your GP to perform the operation, you’d demand a specialist to maximise the chance of success. Statistics show that the average award secured by using a specialist is substantially higher than that achieved by a non-specialist accountant.

100% Success Rate

Decades of Experience

No win – no fee

Why use us?

We live and breath R&D… it’s all we do. Chances are your relationship with your accountant is highly important to you. Unlike many other specialists, we do not seek to spoil that relationship. We will work closely with your accountant if that’s what you want, empowering them to maximise your award.

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